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ItzJammz Staff Application (Helper)

Discussion in 'Apply For Staff' started by ItzJammz, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. ItzJammz

    ItzJammz New Member

    Aug 3, 2019
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    MineCraft Username: ItzJammz

    Timezone: GMT

    Age: 16

    Discord Tag: Jammz#5847

    Do you have access to a working mic? I do

    Are you able to record videos on MineCraft? Yes, I have QuickTime Player on my MacBook which allows for audio and screen recording.

    How active are you on ORECRAFT? Ever since I have joined the new OreCraft server, I have been on the server multiple times per day. This has allowed me to get to know quite a few people on the server as well as making new friends with the players and staff. Recently I have had a plethora of spare time so I have been able to play on OreCraft even more.

    How much time are you going to put into being staff? Due to being off school right now, I have had a lot of time to play on OreCraft. However, when I return to school, I will have more time than if I was at school the previous year. This is due to now receiving study periods at my school because I am now moving into the sixth form for my A-Levels. This will mean that I can complete more homework at school, instead of having to complete homework at home, allowing for more time to commit to OreCraft.
    Have you ever been punished on the server (ban,mute,etc)? If yes, provide reason. I was banned once on the original OreCraft server during Jake's period of owning OreCraft, due to advertising George's new server. I didn't realise that I was advertising majorly and was banned due to not realising that Jake had taken over the server yet. This ban taught me to be more cautious in my actions and careful.

    Do you have any other staff experience on another server? Yes. I have helped out on a server called "JustServers". Working with people like Hwynt, I was able to help out with the development and moderation of the server, while also experiencing working as a team. I was a great help to the team which lead to being promoted from helper to mod to admin in under 2 weeks of being apart of the team.

    Did you play on the old OreCraft server? I mainly played on the OP Prison server since 3.0 OreCraft but I also played on all servers with 3.0 and 4.0 Skyblock being my second popular server. I played on Orecraft past the merge and played on both George's OC and Jake's OC. I spent a bit of time on the Kit PvP server as well and some time on the Factions server as well especially during the 4.0 beta period. Because of playing on the old OreCraft server greatly, I have seen great experience in the execution of punishments and have become a fairer person because of this experience.
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